How not to transport a mattress…..


What an adventure last night transporting your Bob-O-Pedic back to Boston!  I had this vision in my mind of the wind picking up the mattress like a “sail” and taking flight ripping off the roof top cargo racks right off my truck.  You came on the through for me on the Tobin Bridge, with the strong gusts of wind, and did a fine job jibbing our mattress sail for a safe docking in Southie.   That was intense.  I thought you were going to pissed at me but it was fun to see you laugh at ourselves and the situation.


I’m excited for your bed!!   Still wish you would have gotten the twin but at least now there is room for me (sometimes).  


I know that it was an emotional night for you for several reasons and lots due to the move.  I’m feeling so badly that you have to incur all these extra costs.  If only I could have gotten my act together more quickly this Summer maybe you wouldn’t have to be in this situation.  

Gosh Linds, I am really sorry and really stupid.  Wish so badly that I could change things.

I thought about you all day today while in Rhode Island.  It was a beautiful day and we had lunch on the River in Providence and I wished you were there.  I tried my first “clam cake” a RI classic I guess.  Pretty good actually!  It was a like a fritter with chopped clams in it. Some eat it with tartar sauce.   Wouldn’t eat them too often though.  New Engladn is so heavy on the fried seafood which I just don’t get.  I was shrimp and crabcakes!

Tomorrow is your big move day.  It’s going to be hard for you and emotional but it’s going to really tough for me too – I am feeling like I am helping get started in your new life without me.   So sad about that.  I am excited for you to gain independence, try new things and meet more friends but I see you moving further and further away from me.  


I will try my best to be strong and positive for you


Love you